Curasystems has been in the market since 2003 and been
creating IT and medical solutions for partners and end-customers.

Since 2009 we started thinking about a new way to develop
custom business solutions with faster turnaround times, more customization possibilities and future proof for decades to come.

In 2018 with many successful projects built on this new IRIS platform
we had proof of our vision. We are now starting to expand our team and
talk with partners and customers for strategic solutions.


We value high quality user experience design. Usability follows directly from great design. We think this is even more important in line-of-business applications than in consumer apps.


As engineers we value fast, pragmatic, long-term supportable, well-testable solutions.

As developers we value beauty, well understandable concepts and clear seperation of concerns.


We offer direct support, because we think that well organized support helps improve the product when using customer feedback to improve future iterations of solutions.


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Medical IT-Solutions
PACS – Solutions for hospitals and medical offices
Workflow Management


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    curasystems GmbH
    Medical Devices
    Im Ochsenstall 17
    76689 Karlsdorf

  • curasystems GmbH
    IT – Solutions & Services for Healthcare
    Robert-Adam-Weg 6
    Germany – 76689 Karlsdorf

  • CEO: Christian Seifert

  • Commercial register: Mannheim HRB 110365
  • VAT Number: DE 232471716
  • Tax ID/Steuernummer: 30061/08872


  • +49 (0) 7251 390 06 - 10
  • +49 (0) 7251 322 30 - 29

  • Support Hotline: +49 (700) 2872 2872
  • Während Komplettsanierung des Firmengebäudes
  • curasystems GmbH
  • Im Ochsenstall 17
  • 76689 Karlsdorf